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A green juice containing four kinds of vegetables grown in Kyushu and lactic acid bacteria that the whole family can enjoy drinking every day.
This green juice is made from barley grass grown in Kyushu and manufactured at a factory in Saga Prefecture.
It is a simple but healthy green juice made with lactic acid bacteria in mind.
It contains barley grass, kale, morning glory, bitter gourd, and 100 million lactic acid bacteria.
It contains 100 million lactobacilli.
This product is recommended for those who are concerned about lowered immunity and for children who cannot eat dairy products.
The product is individually packaged for each serving, so there is no need to measure, just dissolve in water and enjoy.
In addition to water, you can mix it with milk, soy milk, yogurt, or add honey.

Packing size: 130X140X80mm
Packed weight: approx. 240g
Contents: 3g x 50 bags

Case size: 42X31X28cm
Case weight: approx. 5kg
Country of manufacture: Japan

Number of bags per case: 20

Raw materials: [Name
Processed barley grass food

Barley grass powder (barley grass (Kyushu)), dietary fiber, kale powder, tomorrow leaf powder, bitter gourd powder, lactic acid bacteria (sterilized) / trehalose

Nutritional information (per bag: 3g)
Energy: 9.09 kcaL
Protein: 0.31g
Fat: 0.07g
Carbohydrate: 2.36g
 -Carbohydrate: 1.25g
 -Dietary fiber: 1.11g
Salt equivalent: 0.002g
Iron: 0.14mg
Calcium: 7.80mg
Potassium: 42.60mg
Magnesium: 2.07mg
Vitamin E: 0.14mg
Folic acid: 10.20μg
Formulation at time of manufacture (per 3g bag)
Lactic acid bacteria: 10 billion pieces

How to take
As a dietary supplement, dissolve one to two sachets per day in about 80 to 100 mL of water, lukewarm water, or milk and consume.
How to store

Store in a cool, dry place.
Store away from direct sunlight, high temperature and high humidity.



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