HUMAN LIFE Look Look Berry Eye Care Health Supplements 62 Tablets Japan

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Nourish your hardworking eyes! Tiredness refreshed!

■Recommended for those who have difficulty with small print in newspapers and long hours on computers and smartphones.
For those who work hard all day long on computers and smartphones.
This product contains plenty of anthocyanins necessary to nourish your hard-working eyes!
In addition, it contains 8 ingredients that are specially formulated!
Deliver nutrients to your hard-working eyes with Look Look Berry eye health supplements.


Height (length) 15.9 cm x width 10.2 cm x depth 1.3 cm


Safflower oil, acai berry concentrate, bilberry extract, refined fish oil containing DHA/EPA, blackcurrant extract, meguslinoki powder, gelatin, glycerin, glycerol fatty acid esters, beeswax, vitamin E, marigold pigment (extract), vitamin A

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