Tsugaru-biidoro Glass Simple Shape Flower Vase Sai-no-kaze Aomori Japan

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Enjoying flowers and plants from season to season and arranging your life
Flowers and Vessels that Weave the Seasons
Aya no Kaze (Wind of Aya)
The simple shape of this vase is softly colored, inspired by the colors of the rich nature of Aomori. The transparent and opaque shades offer a variety of expressions.
Sea Star" and "Night Sky" are decorated with gold leaf to accent the chic colors.
Spring Flower, Summer Sky, and Earth are based on white like clouds floating in the sky, and the colors are arranged in refreshing shades.

Size and capacity
Max 130 / Mouth 83 / Height 215
Box size: L 150 x W 150 x H 240

Place of manufacture: Japan
Material and composition: Glass

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