Chikuzen Nimono boiled Simmer boiled food 1kg Konjac Vegetables Kyoto Japan

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This is a pasteurized version of Kyoto's traditional flavor. 

Chikuzen-ni is made with six kinds of ingredients such as chicken, bamboo shoots, lotus root, etc. in an easy-to-eat size.

This is a side dish of Kyushu's local cuisine arranged in Kyoto style.

Do you know NIMONO (煮物)? 

Nimono is a simmered dish in Japanese cuisine.

A nimono generally consists of a base ingredient simmered in shiru stock & seasoned with japanese sake, soy sauce, and a small amount of sweetening.

The nimono is simmered in the shiru over a period of time until the liquid is absorbed into the base ingredient or evaporated.

The base ingredients for a nimono is typically a vegetable, fish, seafood, or tofu, either singly, or in combination.

The shiru stock for a nimono is generally dashi. Other than sake and soy sauce, the stock can be further flavored by mirin, sugar, salt, vinegar, miso, or other condiments. 

Ingredients: Konjac, burdock root, bamboo shoot, chicken, carrot, lotus root, reduced syrup, soy sauce, fermented seasoning, sugar, vegetable oil/glycine, sodium acetate, seasoning (amino acid), phosphate (Na), Ca hydroxide, bleaching agent (sulfite), (contains wheat, soybeans, and chicken)

Contents: 1 kg (1.000G)

Vacuum-packed: Shelf life: 60 days from date of manufacture
Storage: Requires refrigeration (below 10℃)

Please consume as soon as possible after opening the package.


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