Maruchan Japanese Style Instant Noodle Colorful 6 Type 12 Packs

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Red Kitsune Udon 2 pcs: Flavorful soup for Azuma with bonito flakes and kelp dashi, firm udon noodles, and large, well-seasoned deep-fried bean curd.

2 green tanuki tempura soba noodles: Soba noodles with a combination of soy sauce and sugar in an eastern style sauce with bonito dashi broth, noodles with a smooth texture, and small shrimp tempura.

Black Pork Curry Udon Noodle 2pcs: Curry udon noodles with a rich and tasty sauce.

White Chikurimochi Udon 2pcs: Rice cake with a mallet and a light broth.

Soba Noodles with Duck Soup: 2 pcs: Soba noodles with a rich and aromatic broth, full of the flavor of duck.

Kon no Kitsune Soba 2 pcs: Soba noodles with fluffy sweet fried bean curd and a darker color with a strong chewy texture.


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