Marukome Onion Miso Cream Soup 20 Packs Japan

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This Marukome Onion Miso Cream Soup is a hot topic on SNS, mixing Japanese-style miso with Western-style cream.

This Marukome Onion Miso Cream Soup has a reputation for being more delicious than you can imagine.

The aroma of miso and the mildness of the cream are a perfect match, and the mild, rich, gentle flavor is addictive.
The savory and slightly salty fried onions are a nice accent to the soup.

Drinking it on a cold morning makes me feel dusty.
For breakfast, for lunch. This delicious soup goes well with rice, bread, pasta, pizza, or anything else.

If you like potage soups, consommé soups, clam chowder or minestrone, this is a must-try.

It has a long shelf life and large capacity, so it is recommended for preservation as a stockpile food.

Marukome Onion Miso Cream Soup recipe, storage method, etc.

◇ Cooking method
1. Place the contents of the bag in a cup.
2.Pour boiling water (120ml) and stir well.

Adjust the amount of hot water to your liking.

◇ Storage Methods
Store at room temperature out of direct sunlight.

◇ Precautions
Please handle boiling water with care.

Product Details of Marukome Onion Miso Cream Soup 20 sachets

Manufacturer Name Marukome
brand name Marukome

◇ Contents
20 servings x 1 box

◇ Ingredients
[Ingredients] Powdered oil and fat, onion powder, starch, powdered miso, chicken extract powder, granulated sugar, protein-enriched whey powder, food made mainly from milk, protein hydrolysate, salt, yeast extract, processed cheese, garlic powder, ukiimi (processed dried onion (onion, lactose, palm oil, soy sauce)) )/seasoning (amino acid, etc.), emulsifier, trehalose, casein sodium, processed starch, color (caramel, gardenia), antioxidant (V.E.), (some parts contain wheat, milk ingredients, soybeans, chicken)

◇ Allergenic substances contained in this product
(specified raw materials and their equivalents are indicated)

Wheat, milk ingredients, soybeans, chicken

◇ Nutrition Facts per serving (9.1g)

Energy 41kcal
Protein 1.0g
Lipids 2.0g
Carbohydrate 4.8g
Salt Equivalent 1.0g

(Values shown are for reference only.)

The description on the product package may differ due to product revisions, etc.

Please check the label on your product before purchasing or consuming.

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