Marukome Onion Miso Cream Soup 20 Packs Japan

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It has a mild and rich taste with a perfect addictive combination of miso aroma and cream mildness.
The savory fried onions are a nice accent to the soup.
This soup is a blend of Japanese and Western styles that goes well with bread as well as rice.

Contents: 20 servings x 1 box
Ingredients] Powdered oil and fat, onion powder, starch, powdered miso, chicken extract powder, granulated sugar, protein-enriched whey powder, food made mainly from milk, protein hydrolysate, salt, yeast extract, processed cheese, garlic powder, ukiimi (processed dried onion (onion, lactose, palm oil, soy sauce)) ), seasoning (amino acid, etc.), emulsifier, trehalose, casein sodium, processed starch, color (caramel, gardenia), antioxidant (V.E.), (some parts contain wheat, milk ingredients, soybeans, chicken)

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