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Samue is a traditional Japanese work clothes worn by monks at temples when they do "samue," or cleaning and chopping wood.

The samue is an excellent traditional Japanese garment that is easy to move in, has excellent breathability and heat retention, and is easy to handle.

This Samue – an everyday garment for monks is produced by Mihotoke (stage name), a Japanese artiste who loves temples and Buddhist statues, and it is designed by a fashion professional.

It is produced based on Japanese taste, with a good balance of practicality, fashion, and quality. It is wearable in a wide range of situations, such as loungewear, one-mile wear, from casual to business, from monks to general consumers.

It is unisex clothing, and anyone can wear it. The size M is suitable for a person with a height ranging from 150 to 175 cm and the L size can be worn by a person with a height ranging from 170 to 190 cm.

It is easy to put on and take off by anyone as you just need to tie the string twice.

The set also includes a mask made of the same fabric as the samue.


<Feature 1>
The length of samue, which tends to be too long and give a heavy impression, has been drastically shortened.

<Feature 2>
The sleeves are reduced in thickness and elastic is threaded through the cuffs.

<Feature 3>
Higher position of waist strap.

<Feature 4>
Fabric is 100% cotton.
Aiming to create a solid texture and a casual feel at the same time, The fabric is made of thick threads like frizzled noodles. It has a sturdy finish. 


【Samue Kimono Top Jacket Clothing Monk's working Unisex Original Navy Japan Mihotoke specification】 

Materials Cotton 100%
Size  M: 150 to 175cm, L: 170 to 190cm

Made in JAPAN


<About Mihotoke Samuei Store>

Fully produced by Mihotoke, a comedian who loves Buddhist statues and Buddhism. 
Mihotoke Samue is a store where temples, monks, Mihotoke, and fashion professionals work together to review fabrics, designs, colors, etc., with the aim of making samue and kimono more accessible and casual.

In addition to the samue garments on display, the shop also produces and sells hand towels, mufflers, masks, and other items.


M: 150 to 175cm, L: 170 to 190cm


Cotton 100%

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