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A simple, modern "Coasters" with beautiful colors and a metallic sheen.

In-mold technology gives this coaster beautiful colors and a metallic sheen.

It has a rim to prevent water droplets from spilling.
The delicate undulating shape of the top surface prevents glasses from sticking to it, and the rising edge catches water drops.

In addition, the convex shape of the sides allows for secure stacking.
It is thin and does not take up much space when stacked.

The "in-mold molding" process gives the product a luxurious, metallic feel and vivid colors that are hard to believe it is resin.
It comes in a variety of modern colors and works well as an accessory rest.

The simple and modern design will make your hospitality shine.
※One set consists of two coasters of the same color.

【Ornament Coaster specification】

Material AS resin
Dimension φ90 x H3mm
Weight Approx.13g

Made in Japan

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