Natulab Cocoon Crushed shell Abalone Pendant Good luck charm Ofunato Iwate Japan

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This special Natulab Cocoon Crushed shell Abalone Pendant Good luck charm is made with the beautiful shell of abalones from Ofunato, Iwate Prefecture, are crushed and encased in transparent resin.

In Japan, abalone has long been considered a good luck charm and has been used in many celebratory occasions.

"What a waste of shells that would otherwise be thrown away!"
"Wish I could put something so beautiful to good use!"
"And I wish I could wear it !"

This is why I started making accessories.

The "goodness" of the individual materials is brought out by respecting their natural colors and slightly shaping them.
The abalone shells show various expressions depending on how the light enters.

This pendant is suitable for a variety of occasions and for people of all ages.
We would be happy if you feel closer to the sea of Ofunato by wearing our products.

【Crushed shell Abalone Pendant specification】

Materials Plating, Resin
Pendant top Size H2cm x W1.2cm
Chain length 38cm

Made in Ofunato, Iwate Prefecture, Japan


Pendant top: H2cm x W1.2cm
Chain length: 38cm


Plating, Resin

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