NISSIN Cup Noodle Super Combination Series 2 Chili Tomato & Tom Yam Kung 77g x 20packs

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Chili Tomato Noodle" and "Pakuchi-scented Tom Yam Kung" are combined! Cup Noodle Super Combination Series Vol. 2!

Chili Tomato & Tom Yam Kung" was released from the long-awaited second series of Super Combination.
You can enjoy the best of two Cup Noodles, a powered-up special combined flavor!

The noodles are smooth and supple. They enhance the flavor of the soup.

The soup is a combination of chili tomato soup (sweet and sour tomatoes with a tangy chili spiciness) and tom yam kung soup (spicy with a base of seafood and various spices).

It contains shrimp, corn, tomatoes, and cabbage.

The long-awaited second installment of the "Super Combination" series, born from an arrangement of Cup Noodles, has begun.

Cup Noodles was the world's first cup noodle. It has been the No. 1 brand loved for more than 50 years since its launch.

The "Super Combination" series was created in response to the excitement around SNS for menus that rearranged Cup Noodles.

Carefully selected products were combined with the standard flavors of Cup Noodles to create a soup ratio and combination of ingredients that make each basic flavor more delicious while bringing out the best of each, resulting in a flavor that is certain to please.

Another feature is the design of the packaging, which makes it easy to tell at a glance that the two flavors are combined.

Nissin Cup Noodle Super Combination Series 2 Chili Tomato & Tom Yam Kung 77g x 20 packs Product Information

Manufacturer Name Nissin Foods Corporation
Brand name Cup Noodle
Content (amount of noodles) 77g (noodles 60g) x 20 servings

Fried noodles (wheat flour (manufactured in Japan), vegetable oil and fat, salt, protein hydrolysate, soy sauce, spices, flavour enhancer), soup (tomato powder, sugars, foods made mainly from milk, etc., spices, salt, tom yum paste, dextrin, protein hydrolysate, pork seasoning, pork fat,flavor seasoning, chili seasoning oil,vegetable seasoning,asari seasoning, onion powder, processed cheese),ingredients(Cabbage, seasoned shrimp, corn, processed tomatoes)./Processed starch, seasoning (amino acid, etc.), acidifier, flavor, Ca carbonate, brine, polysaccharide thickener, benikoji dye, carotenoid dye, spice extract, antioxidant (vitamin E), caramel color, Mg carbonate, vitamin B2, vitamin B1, (contains shrimp, wheat, milk ingredients, sesame, soybeans, chicken, pork, apple)

■Nutrition Facts [per serving (77g)
 Noodles and ingredients
Protein 7.6g
Lipids 16.0g
Carbohydrate 45.5g
Salt Equivalent
 Noodles and ingredients
Vitamin B1 0.70mg
Vitamin B2 0.23mg
Calcium 93mg

Allergen information
Wheat, milk ingredients, shrimp, pork, chicken, soybeans, sesame, apple

※Allergen information is provided for a total of 28 items: 7 specified raw materials required by food labeling standards and 21 items for which labeling is recommended.

■Information on the place of origin of the main raw materials used in the product

Raw materials Flour (wheat)
Main country of origin Australia, Japan, U.S.A., Canada
Last processing area Japan
Raw materials Vegetable fats (palm)
Main country of origin Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand
Last processing area Japan

Raw materials Tomato powder (tomato)
Main country of origin Spain
Last processing area Spain
Raw materials Spices (chili peppers)
Main country of origin China
Last processing area Japan
Raw materials Tom Yam Paste (Coconut)
Main country of origin Thailand
Last processing area Thailand
Raw materials Tom Yam Paste (Lemongrass)
Main country of origin Thailand
Last processing area Thailand

Raw materials Cabbage
Main country of origin China
Last processing area China
Raw materials Seasoned Shrimp (Shrimp)
Main country of origin India, Bangladesh, Myanmar
Last processing area India, China
Raw materials Corn
Main country of origin U.S.A., China
Last processing area China
Raw materials Processed tomato products (tomatoes)
Main country of origin Portugal
Last processing area Japan

  • Ingredient and nutritional information and allergen information for this product listed may differ from what is listed on the product package.
  • Please check the label on your product package before purchasing or consuming.
  • Possible regions of origin for use are listed.
  • We use a combination of the most suitable production areas depending on the raw material situation and other factors.
  • The main production areas of raw materials are listed in no particular order, regardless of whether they are used in large or small quantities or late or early in the season.
  • Store at room temperature away from strong odors and direct sunlight.
  • Please be careful to bring it with you as it will get hot when filled with boiling water.
  • Do not cook in a microwave oven as there is a risk of spills, sparks, ignition, or smoking.
  • Please consume as soon as possible after opening.

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