NISSIN Cup Noodle Super Combination Series 2 Basic & Seafood 77g x 20 pacs

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he second in the Cup Noodle Super Combination Series, this is the forbidden top-two combination of Cup Noodle and Seafood Noodle.

The original soup with a hint of pepper is enriched with the unique seafood and vegetable flavors of this rich combined soup.

Japanese Cup Noodles Attracting Attention from Abroad

This product released by Nissin Foods was commercialized to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the cup noodle.

The product was inspired by the cup noodle arrangements that have become a hot topic on social networking sites over the past few years. It is sold exclusively in Japan and is not available overseas, but don't worry, it's available at j-Grab Mall!

This is a popular way of arranging the taste of cup noodles, mixing various cup noodle flavors to create and taste new flavors. If the new flavor is delicious, it can be shared on SNS to connect with others. This is a new way to connect with people.

Cup Noodles As An Emergency Food

in today's world where anything can happen, cup noodles are the perfect food to buy and keep on hand. Since the food is already in the bowl, all you have to do is pour hot water and wait 3 minutes.

They are ready to eat right away and are great to have on hand in case of a natural disaster or lockdown.

“Rolling Up” can help with disaster preparedness.

The term "rolling stock" has been heard for the past few years.
We usually buy a little more food and processed foods.
This is a method of always having a certain amount of food stockpiled at home by buying new supplies as you use them.

The key to rolling stock is to stockpile as you consume in your daily life. Adding cup noodles with familiar flavors to this stockpile, alone, will give you peace of mind...

See more ... Let's take a deep dive into the cup noodles that can be easily eaten anytime.

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