Nissin DONBEI Tempura Soba Instant Noodle 100g x 12Packs East Japan Ver.

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Donbei Tempura Soba" for Eastern Japan has a spicy "colorful shichimi" flavor
Donbei Tempura Soba features Donbei's signature straight, comfortable-slurping soba noodles with a flavorful bonito broth for eastern Japan, and a richly flavored sauce made with umami soy sauce.
The soba noodles are served in a richly flavored broth made from bonito dashi, which has a flavorful eastern taste, with a touch of soy sauce for added flavor.
The "Specialty Atonose Tempura" is freshly fried and crispy, with a delicious shrimp flavor.
The spicy red pepper spice "Saitari Shichimi" (optional) enhances the flavor of the soy sauce.
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