OCEAN & TERRE Ochazuke Boiled Rice With Tea Seafood Japanese Soup Stock 3 Sets

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This luxurious delicacy is made with Hokkaido Makombu kelp and seafood flavored with Shizuoka matcha green tea for added flavor.

Dashi chazuke-no-moto 4.5g x 3, 1 slice of sockeye salmon x 1, 1 Kishu Nanko plum x 1, Lake Shinji clam 31g x 1, white roasted sesame 1g x 3

Supplemental Specifications
Package size: 140 x 255 x 45 mm 
Shelf life: 4 months or more
Place of origin: Japan
Storage method: Room temperature
Package: Individual boxes


Let the “delicious” begin

We treasure the carefully selected treasures of the Sea (OCEAN) and Earth (TERRE), each product is very carefully handcrafted for authentic taste.日本の自然の恵みをスイーツの世界へ。


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