ONITSUBAKI SIMIN ZAKKATEN Ono-ore Kamba Japanese Hard Birch Cutting Board Kot-01

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Ono-ore Kamba (Japanese hard birch) gets its name from the fact that it is "hard enough to break an axe". Its growth is said to be 1 mm in 3 years, and its slow growth makes the wood dense and heavy. It also has a beautiful coloring and a moist, absorbent feel to the touch. This item is not only useful at the dining table and outdoors, but is also suitable as a gift. It is carved from Ono-ore Kamba birch produced in Iwate Prefecture. Since they are all carved from solid wood, there are slight differences in the grain and coloring of each piece, but please forgive them as individual characteristics.


approx. 32cm(width) x approx. 16cm(depth) x approx. 1.6cm (thickness)


Natural wood: Ono-ore Kamba (Japanese hard birch)

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