hanaha Seamless Cylinder Design Kumiko OKIRAI10 Tray wooden pieces without nails

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A seamless cylindrical kumiko tray – A tray that is made with a Japanese technique of assembling wooden pieces without the use of nails.


Cylindrical design braids usually had to be separated at some point when turning a grid of braids into a cylinder or a diamond-shaped braid into a cylinder. For example, just as an A4 sheet of paper is rounded to make a cylinder, a braided lattice is rounded to make a cylinder. If you don't have something to hold the edges together, the lattice will not become a cylinder.

However, the cylindrical design Kumiko that we are selling is assembled seamlessly, so there are no joints to create unnecessary shadows. Thus, this resulted in a beautifully curved silhouette.

The seamless assembly has been thought to require difficult calculations and complicated jigs, but in our process, we have achieved seamless assembly with no special jigs and relatively smooth operation.

This is a seamless cylindrical design braided tray that will astonish our competitors and craftsmen in the field.


H5.0cm x Φ21.0cm


Wooden products such as Japanese cypress, magnolia, cedar, etc.

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