KIHADA - 輝肌 - THE POWER Face Skin Lotion Japan

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A skin regeneration program developed to restore the skin's natural beauty.

The main ingredient, damask flower water, has anti-inflammatory properties and improves skin texture. In addition, it adjusts the PH value and compensates for the lack of moisture in the keratin, increasing the penetration (*) of the main ingredients.
It has a refreshing texture that eliminates stickiness.
(*Up to the stratum corneum)
How to use:
As a single item, after washing your face in the morning and at night, take an appropriate amount on your palm and apply it to the entire face.
Press down gently without hitting or rubbing.  
Made in Japan
Storage method

1 瓶内含 200 亿个外泌体!
采用医疗机构使用的人体脂肪干细胞未稀释粉末,在家里也能享受奢华护肤。富含细胞因子和外泌体的成分,可打造健康亮泽的肌肤。作为专用稀释用开发的 THE POWER 化妆水,将外泌体直接输送到皮肤细胞中,通过恢复皮肤活力的再生医学的作用,激发皮肤细胞的能量。
使用方法: 加入THE POWER 化妆水至瓶颈处,充分摇匀。晚上洁面后,轻轻按压涂于全脸。
* 另售 THE POWER 化妆水
*请使用稀释专用的 THE POWER 化妆水(其他精华液可能会影响成分的活性)。

Tighten the cap tightly and store in a cool, dark place.




All ingredients: water, damascena flower water, hamamelis water, pentylene glycol, BG, 3-0-ethylascorbic acid, hinokitiol, kudamono passiflora fruit extract, glycyrrhizic acid 2K, aminocaproic acid, quaternium-33, laureth-12, DPG ,ethanol

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