TOKOTO+ (Tokoto Plus) Shoes deodorant powder spray

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Daily life changes from the feet up
Deodorant and sterilizer for shoes derived from natural ingredients

This is a powder-type shoe deodorizing spray. You can spray inside shoes before putting them on. The alkaline component of calcium hydroxide reacts with moisture such as perspiration generated inside the shoes to eliminate bacteria that cause odor and produce an excellent deodorizing effect.
It can be used for all types of shoes, from children to adults, including sports shoes and business shoes.
Odor is caused by "bacteria" attached to socks and shoes.
The feet tend to sweat because of the concentration of sweat glands. It is said that the amount of sweat and moisture generated from the soles of the feet is equivalent to one glass of water per day. When human sweat and sebum stains are in a hot and humid environment, bacteria multiply and this is what causes the odor.
TOCOTOplus Shoe Deodorant Powder works against various odor-causing bacteria, including isovaleric acid and moraxella, which cause shoe odors.
The superior effectiveness of TOCOTOplus Shoe Deodorant Powder has been proven in deodorant tests conducted by a third-party testing institute against several types of odor-causing bacteria.
※ Unlike deodorizers containing air fresheners, it decomposes the source of the odor and does not cause unpleasant odor mixtures with air fresheners.
It does not eliminate all viruses and bacteria.
(Alcohol-free, hypochlorous acid-free, preservative-free, colorant-free, fragrance-free)



H14.3cm x W3.4cm


calcium hydroxide (Ca(OH)2)

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