Edo Kiriko Grape pattern Cut Sake cup Glassware 100ml Traditional Tokyo Japan

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The nationally designated traditional craft "Edo Kiriko" is a traditional craft of downtown Tokyo that has been around since the Edo period.

The glass melted at 1350 degrees is finished into a double structure of transparent and colored glass by skillful technique, and the craftsmen of Edo Kiriko who have skillful technique carefully cut (shave) the glass one by one.

By cutting, the transparent glass inside can be seen from the colored glass on the surface, and the wonderful contrast between the transparent glass and the colored glass is highlighted by the traditional pattern and the design of the flower cutlet.

Size / capacity
Capacity 100 ml, diameter 60 mm, height 86 mm
Inner box size 85 * 103 * 80mm

Production area: Japan
Materials / ingredients: Soda glass
Package: Gift box with paper box

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