Utsuboya Ehime Limited Souvenir Rice Cake dumpling Sweet Botchan Dango Japan

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These dumplings are filled with green tea, yellow, and red bean paste, with a rice cake inside. ( 6 peace inside )

It is a famous confectionery from Dogo, Shikoku, which was inspired by Soseki Natsume's novel "Botchan.

In the novel "Botchan" by Soseki Natsume, there is an episode where the main character, Botchan, came to Dogo Onsen to take a bath and ate two plates of dumplings. The dumplings were born from this novel.

The dumplings served at the Dogo Onsen Honkan are made by the confectioner Utsuboya. The green one is green tea, the yellow one is white bean paste, and the brown one is red bean paste. The gyuhi inside is also very sweet and sticky.

It goes perfectly with tea. It also goes well with milk tea. Chilling it in the refrigerator is also recommended for a smoother texture.

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