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Pizza Paradise in Every Crunch

Embark on a flavorful fiesta with Calbee Pizza Potato. Marrying the delightful crunch of chips with the savory goodness of authentic pizza, each chip is a bite-sized pizzeria experience. Get ready to savor the iconic tastes of melted cheese, zesty tomato sauce, and aromatic herbs.

Snack-time’s Showstopper

Whether you're unwinding after a long day or hosting a party, the Calbee Pizza Potato 60g is your go-to gourmet treat. With its resealable packaging, enjoy fresh, crunchy, pizza-flavored delights whenever the craving strikes.

From Japan with Love & Flavor

Calbee’s ingenious innovation brings together two beloved flavors, creating a snack sensation that resonates globally. Drawing from Japan's meticulous snack-crafting traditions and the universal love for pizza, these chips are a testament to culinary brilliance.

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