Handmade Japanese style zafu for yoga and meditation YET MI

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This product was born out of an effort to reduce the amount of waste generated by "work to reduce waste disposal"...This is a product that was born out of an effort to reduce this waste.
In the course of this work, old futons are always dismantled and the contents taken out, so the side fabric is generated for each job, which is then incinerated.
Unlike fabrics used for other purposes, the fabric used for down quilts is a high quality material made of extra fine yarns and densely woven to provide firmness and excellent moisture absorption and wicking properties.
We always felt that it was a waste to have no choice but to incinerate such materials, and that our job was to reduce waste disposal, but at the same time, we were generating waste.
I always wondered if there was any way to minimize this waste fabric.
However, we were unable to find a way to reuse the side fabrics from down futons because we had to split one side of the futon and could not completely remove the feathers.
Then one day, one of our staff members saw a cushion used for yoga or meditation that had a kind of leftover fabric inside, and we thought this would be a good way to use leftover down comforter waste.
We then studied the design, selection of side fabric, weight, firmness, stability, durability, etc., and made a considerable number of prototypes, distributed them to related parties, tested them, received evaluations, and repeatedly verified them before commercialization.

The inner material is made from discarded side fabrics from down comforter reform and recycling, which have been sterilized and cleaned using a combination of neutral detergent and ozone water.
The surface fabric is made of thick 100%
pure cotton, which is manufactured in Japan from spinning to dyeing and dyeing. To prevent some residual down from coming out, a layer of down fabric is sewn on the inside, which also increases the strength and form stability.
This also increases the strength and form stability of the fabric. Since some down remains in the fabric that cannot be removed, it can be expected to have the function of regulating humidity and temperature. 
The process of cutting fabrics of various textures into appropriate sizes, mixing them in a well-balanced manner, and placing them into the side fabric to make them even is all done by hand, and requires a lot of labor, skill, and time.
The sewing process is processed according to the same standards as the process used to make down futons, so the delicacy and strength of the cushions are different from those of ordinary cushions.
The design is finished with a Japanese taste in the shape and texture to create a calm and comfortable design that you will never get tired of.
Every detail is handmade, and each piece is a tasteful and thoughtful gem.

Product Features

By transforming high-quality materials that would have otherwise been discarded into new products as raw materials, these products reduce the burden on the environment by reducing both the use of energy to produce new raw materials and the use of energy when they are disposed of.
The filling is filled with high quality fabric for feathers, which, combined with its considerable weight and moderate firmness, makes it a product that allows you to maintain a stable and correct posture without strain.
We believe that you will be able to achieve a more stress-free state by practicing yoga and meditation on the environmentally friendly product of your choice.


If you feel that the shape of the product has changed slightly after a certain period of use, please reshape it by tapping or pressing it lightly.
The inside is a high-density fabric, not a waxy material, so it will almost never become saggy if you constantly unravel it.

Frog image character

Our image character "Datte" was created by combining the words "revive" and "frog" through our business of down comforter renovation.

And the product name "ZAFROG" is a coined word combining ZAFU (zafu) and FROG (frog), which also means "metamorphosis" from a tadpole to a different appearance than when it was born, like a frog, as the fabric that was originally down futons is utilized into something completely different."


Circle: 37 cm in diameter
Height: (High type) 17 cm
    (Low type) 9cm

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