Kutani Yaki Ware No.12 Ornamental plate "Yoshidaya Kazahanatsume" Japan Craze Shop

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Elegance Unveiled: Kutani Yaki Ware No.12 "Yoshidaya Kazahanatsume" Ornamental Plate

Artistry in Porcelain: The Kutani Yaki Legacy

  • Centuries of Craftsmanship: The Kutani Yaki Ware No.12 "Yoshidaya Kazahanatsume" ornamental plate is a testament to centuries-old Japanese artistry. Each plate is a piece of history, embodying the meticulous craftsmanship of the Kutani tradition, renowned since the Edo period.
  • Exquisite Design: This ornamental plate, part of the esteemed Yoshidaya series, showcases a vibrant and intricate design. The 'Kazahanatsume' pattern is a visual symphony of colors and details, making it not just a dish but a masterpiece.

A Confluence of Culture and Elegance

  • Symbolic Beauty: The 'Kazahanatsume' design is a celebration of Japanese culture and aesthetics. Each motif on the plate is carefully crafted to represent nature and harmony, resonating with deep cultural symbolism and elegance.
  • Versatile Display Piece: While traditionally used for special occasions, this ornamental plate serves as a stunning display piece, adding a touch of sophistication and cultural richness to any setting, be it a formal dining room or a stylish office.

An Heirloom of Unmatched Value

  • Collectible Artistry: The Kutani Yaki Ware No.12 is not just a plate; it's a collectible work of art. Its uniqueness and historical value make it a prized possession for collectors and enthusiasts of Japanese porcelain.
  • Gift of Timeless Elegance: Perfect as a gift, this ornamental plate embodies luxury and timelessness. It's an ideal choice for those who appreciate the finer things in life, offering a piece of Japanese heritage and artistry.




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