Quantum Computer 1

A gate-type commercial quantum computer operating at "Shin-Kawasaki Sozo no Mori"
IBM Quantum System One "Kawasaki"
Source: IBM Japan, Ltd.

Quantum Computer 2

A full-scale model of the interior
HIRAMIYA co., ltd

Kawasaki City is a research and development city that hosts over 550 research and development institutions, including global companies. Located across from Haneda Airport, Kawasaki is home to the "King Skyfront," an open innovation hub that creates new industries from world-class research and development. It also features the "Shin-Kawasaki Sozo no Mori," where various projects aimed at creating innovations centered around quantum technology are underway, including Asia's first commercial gate-based quantum computer. Here, cutting-edge research and development are conducted daily.

A life-size model of the internal components of a quantum computer system, installed within a glass cube approximately three meters on each side, was created primarily by HIRAMIYA Corporation, a company known for its advanced technology combining sheet metal processing and 3D technology. This model has been delivered to IBM's headquarters in the United States and IBM Japan. The concentration of small and medium-sized enterprises, whose technological prowess is highly regarded by global companies, supports this world-class research and development city.

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