ONE PIECE GRAMICCI 20th Anniv. Collaboration T-shirt Cotton 100% Japan Anime

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ONE PIECE & GRAMICCI 20th Anniversary Collaboration T-shirt Cotton 100% Japan! 

Limited edition collaborative T-shirt with Gramichi, made for the 20th anniversary of ONE PIECE. Made from soft and comfortable cotton material. These T-shirts is hard to find in Japan and also there are only a few left in stock. Don't miss it! 

A dream collaboration between the popular anime ONE PIECE and GRAMICCI, the pioneering outdoor brand! A special T-shirt has been created where the adventurous spirit of sailing meets the spirit of freedom.

This collaboration is a must-have item for fans, featuring the Pirate King Luffy and the rest of the Straw Hat Gang alongside GRAMICCI's iconic mountain symbol, adding adventure and essence to your style by combining the world of ONE PIECE with the outdoor style of GRAMICCI. The limited-edition T-shirt is a must-have item for fans of the series.

The limited-edition collaborative T-shirt is reminiscent of an adventure ship sailing freely in the sea breeze, adding an exciting essence to your everyday life. This summer, why not take your first steps into the world of ONE PIECE x GRAMICCI and enjoy adventure and freedom together?

Take this opportunity to combine your sense of adventure and style with the limited-edition collaborative T-shirt and celebrate your departure on a new voyage: the collaboration between ONE PIECE and GRAMICCI, it is the prelude to the beginning of your adventure.


In 1982, rock climber Mike Graham founded "GRAMICCI". GRAMICCI is a sportswear and casual wear brand centered around rock climbing. It has gained support from outdoor sports enthusiasts as well as people from various genres. The brand's iconic character "Running Man", which expresses passion for the outdoors, is its icon.

In the 1970s, an American rock climber known as the "Stone Master" who led rock climbing in Yosemite, California, was dissatisfied with the climbing wear of the time and began creating functional wear using his own methods. In 1982, he established the brand "GRAMICCI" in a small warehouse in California.

Among the products born from this brand, the "Gramicci Pants" and "Gramicci Shorts" became hits. These items featured unique functions such as the "Gusset Crotch," which allowed for 180-degree natural leg movement, and the "Webbing Belt," which could be easily adjusted with one hand.

The signature Gramicci pants quickly became synonymous with climbing pants and spread across America, also gaining acceptance in Japan.

Additionally, Gramicci developed the "Greenwich (GREENICCI)" eco-line, which uses environmentally conscious materials such as hemp, organic cotton, and recycled materials, demonstrating their commitment to environmental issues.

  • Shoulder width: 43÷2.54≈16.9
  • 43÷2.54≈16.9 inches
  • Body width: 48÷2.54≈18.9
  • 48÷2.54≈18.9 inches
  • Length: 65÷2.54≈25.6
  • 65÷2.54≈25.6 inches
  • Sleeve length: 17÷2.54≈6.7
  • 17÷2.54≈6.7 inches
  • Cuff width: 16÷2.54≈6.3
  • 16÷2.54≈6.3 inches
  • Shoulder width: 47÷2.54≈18.5
  • 47÷2.54≈18.5 inches
  • Body width: 52÷2.54≈20.5
  • 52÷2.54≈20.5 inches
  • Length: 67÷2.54≈26.4
  • 67÷2.54≈26.4 inches
  • Sleeve length: 17÷2.54≈6.7
  • 17÷2.54≈6.7 inches
  • Cuff width: 18÷2.54≈7.1
  • 18÷2.54≈7.1 inches
  • Shoulder width: 50÷2.54≈19.7
  • 50÷2.54≈19.7 inches
  • Body width: 54÷2.54≈21.3
  • 54÷2.54≈21.3 inches
  • Length: 70÷2.54≈27.6
  • 70÷2.54≈27.6 inches
  • Sleeve length: 19÷2.54≈7.5
  • 19÷2.54≈7.5 inches
  • Cuff width: 19÷2.54≈7.5
  • 19÷2.54≈7.5 inches
  • Shoulder width: 54÷2.54≈21.3
  • 54÷2.54≈21.3 inches
  • Body width: 59÷2.54≈23.2
  • 59÷2.54≈23.2 inches
  • Length: 74÷2.54≈29.1
  • 74÷2.54≈29.1 inches
  • Sleeve length: 20÷2.54≈7.9
  • 20÷2.54≈7.9 inches
  • Cuff width: 19÷2.54≈7.5
  • 19÷2.54≈7.5 inches

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