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This additive-free facial soap contains Mokusakueki (wood vinegar) liquid, a natural extract obtained by cooling the smoke from the production of Kishu-binchotan charcoal. Wood vinegar liquid is a versatile substance with various applications and has received high praise in customer reviews. Made with high-quality oils as the base and plenty of skin-friendly ingredients, our additive-free soap is carefully crafted one by one through domestic manufacturing. This organic soap is suitable for sensitive skin and can be used on the face and body by a wide range of users, from infants to the elderly.


The two types of soaps have different base oils and manufacturing methods, and are suitable for people with sensitive skin. The coconut oil-based soap is made using a traditional cold-processing method that does not involve the application of heat, and is enriched with glycerin, a moisturizing ingredient that leaves the skin feeling soft and moist after cleansing. It is a favorite among those with dry skin and those who are concerned about dull skin. The horse oil base leaves the skin feeling refreshed after washing, and contains hyaluronic acid, which has a high moisturizing power. It is also effective in treating skin blemishes and help men who want to prevent their skin from looking shiny.

Our Story

Wood vinegar boasts numerous benefits, but its unique smoky scent has deterred some potential users. After countless iterations and extensive testing by our team, many of whom have sensitive skin, we have crafted a soap that retains the remarkable properties of wood vinegar but with a subdued aroma. To further enhance the scent, we've incorporated natural essential oils.


Coconut oil-based soaps should not be used by people with coconut allergies.

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