AGF Blendy Cafe Latory Matcha Milk Sweet Green Tea Assortment 5 Sets Japan

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This is a great set that allows you to purchase a variety of matcha drinks at one time.

This is a set of five different Blendy matcha drinks from AGF, a Japanese maker of coffee and other beverages.You could say that this is a product for matcha lovers, featuring only matcha flavors.

All are individually wrapped sticks, so they can be enjoyed fresh anytime, hot or iced, with ease.

From slightly sweet matcha to full-blown dark matcha, this product is a great way to try a variety of matcha at a reasonable price.

It could be a small gift during cafe time with your matcha-loving friends, or during a break at work.Enjoy the different tastes of each of the five types.

AGF Blendy Café Lattey Matcha Drink Assortment 5 sets contents

◇ Blended stick matcha-tea ore 6 pcs
This creamy and flavorful matcha ore made with Japanese matcha green tea can be easily enjoyed every day in a generous, mug-size serving.There is sweetness.

◇ CAFELATORY - Thick green tea latte 6 pcs
This matcha latte is made with plenty of bittersweet matcha and thick milk.

◇ CAFELATORY - Rich green tea azuki lattee 6 pcs
Matcha Latte combines the refined taste of matcha green tea with rich koshi-an (sweet bean paste). Please enjoy a cup of deeply flavored made with carefully selected Japanese ingredients.

◇ CAFELATORY - The Matcha Latte 5 pcs
Made with tasty domestic matcha green tea. It is a matcha latte with a low sweetness that enhances the richness of the milk, just like you would taste at a specialty restaurant.

◇ Blendy Matcha Ippuku, no sweetness 4 pcs
Authentic matcha sticks made with flavorful tea leaves.Careful bubbling and a stately taste can be easily enjoyed with this single bottle.

≪ Tasty way to drink ≫

Place one stick in a cup. Pour in hot water, stir well and enjoy.

Pour one stick and half the usual amount of hot water into a cup and stir. Add 5-6 ice cubes and stir well until cold. Be sure to use a heat-resistant container.

AGF Blendy Coffeeratory Green Tea Drink Assortment 5 sets Product Information

Manufacturer Name Ajinomoto AGF Co.
Brand name Blendy sticks,CAFELATORY、Matcha Ippuku
Product Type Powdered tea (stick)
Country of origin Japan
Allergens Milk constituent

  • Store away from high temperature and humidity.
  • Please consume immediately after opening.
  • Place the cup on a stable surface. Also, be careful not to burn yourself.
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