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These Akoya pearls are cultured in Japan. As they are baroque pearls, each pearl is different from the next in size and shape. The texture is firm, with natural irregularities such as dimples and protrusions. Our skilled artisans have carefully selected pairs that are well balanced. You can choose from two types of metal fittings: K18 gold and K14 white gold, so please specify your preferred type. Since these are baroque pearls with two drill holes, the lower hole has been securely fastened. The metal used for securing the hole matches the metal of the earrings.


Two 8.0 mm real baroque Akoya pearls from Japan: One pair of 18 kt gold hook earrings for pierced ears or a pair of 14 kt white gold hook earrings for pierced ears - Each pearl is unique as they are natural and differ from one another. The color of the pearls may look slightly different from the actual product depending on the setting of your monitor. Thank you for your understanding.

Our Story

Japanese pearls are cultivated by inserting a round nucleus into an Akoya pearl oyster. While round and flawless pearls fetch a high price, the truth is, many pearls exhibit some form of imperfection. Notably, those with pronounced irregularities are termed "baroque pearls." These pearls possess nacre layers that might be unevenly distributed or contain gaps. Due to this unbalanced layer of nacre, a myriad of interference colors emerge, influenced by a protein known as conchilion found within the nacre. Interestingly, on certain occasions, the allure of these baroque pearls can surpass that of their pricier round counterparts. It's worth noting that each baroque pearl is distinct in both size and shape. From this unique collection, we've crafted a set of earrings using two pearls that are well-balanced.


Pearls are very sensitive to sweat and cosmetics. Also, if it gets wet with water, it will deteriorate further. After use, be sure to wipe your pearls lightly and gently with a dry, clean, and soft cloth.

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