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Vegetable jam is a unique jam that adults will love!


An assortment of three types of Japanese vegetable jams
HOME MADEJAM NIIKURA (Yokosuka, Kanagawa Prefecture)
Contents of the set:
(1) Carrot jam (2) Corn jam (3) Broccoli jam
(1) carrots, sugar, lemon (2) corn, sugar (3) broccoli, sugar, lemon
How to eat/use:
Breads , with dishes (dressings, salads, meat dishes, etc.)
Our commitment to quality:
Vegetable jams are rare in Japan. All of our jams are made from ingredients produced in Japan. They may look unpalatable at first glance, but all of our jams have a "concentrated taste of the tastiest parts of the ingredients" without a muddy or foul smell. Some of our customers regularly purchase a case (20 jars) of our carrot jam. The sugar content of the vegetable jam is in the low 30s and therefore healthy. It is perfect for a change of pace between sweet jams.

Our Story

The flavor of jam hinges on the quality of its ingredients. This is why we prioritize ingredient selection with utmost care. We exclusively use fruits and vegetables from trustworthy sources, marked with labels such as "domestically grown in Japan/Miura Peninsula," "naturally cultivated," "organically farmed," and "minimal pesticide use." We use only carefully selected ingredients harvested while they are in their best season. Growers take pride in their harvest, relentlessly pursuing quality. We're committed to delivering jams made with such dedication to a wider audience. We abstain from using pectin or preservatives, ensuring our jams are suitable for children, families, and loved ones. With this in mind, we have lovingly finished our jams without using any unnecessary ingredients. The absence of unnecessary ingredients enhances the taste of the ingredients. At Niikura Jam, our "additive-free" commitment means eschewing food additives like preservatives, flavor enhancers, colorings, and pectin.


[Shelf life] 18 months after manufacture
[Storage method] Store at room temperature. Please store in the refrigerator after opening.

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