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Camellia (Tsubaki) is the original species of tea.
Its power and gentleness are made into a black tea flavor.

Camellia (Tsubaki) tea is said to help prevent lifestyle-related diseases by reducing blood sugar and cholesterol. It is calorie-free, caffeine-free, and slightly sweet but non-sugary. We made it like a tea. It is a relaxing drink with a slightly sweet and refreshing taste. Above all, they are produced "pesticide-free" to take advantage of the characteristics of the region where they are grown. It is safe and secure.

Camellia tea has a very short history as a tea, and this camellia tea produced in Sanriku was born after the Great East Japan Earthquake on March 11, 2011.
Sanriku's camellia tea is a "roasted tea" made by drying and roasting camellia leaves in stages due to their non-fermentative characteristics.

Sanriku's "camellia tea", made from 85% camellia leaves, is a drink that many women should drink.
Since it is caffeine-free, we hope that pregnant women, nursing mothers, and others can enjoy Camellia tea before bed, at the end of the day, during work, and in their own precious time to relax and enjoy themselves.

<Feature 1>
Caffeine-free and pesticide-free

Because it does not contain caffeine, which has a stimulant effect It improves the quality of sleep and is safe to drink even before bedtime.

The camellia's natural enemy, the "tea poison moth," is not found in the Tohoku.
Therefore, they are grown without the need to kill insects and without pesticides.

<Feature 2>

Despite being sugar-free, camellia tea has a slightly sweet aftertaste.It tastes like black tea.
In addition to the natural sweetness and depth of camellia leaves, we blend 15% Ama tea(sweet tea) to create a clean, understated sweetness.

<Feature 3>
No calories, detoxification and weight loss effects

Everyone can easily enjoy camellia tea because it is calorie-free.
Drinking warm camellia tea and warming the body stimulates blood flow and improves metabolism.
It is also recommended to have camellia tea when you wake up. It is said that warming up in the morning helps the body stay warm throughout the day.
Warming up the body helps to improve bowel movements by relaxing the body and improving gastrointestinal function. The dietary fiber in camellia tea also improves bowel movements.
In addition, it is said to suppress elevated blood sugar levels, blood pressure, and decrease body fat and triglyceride concentrations.

Add 180 ml of boiling water to a 2 g tea bag of camellia tea and let steep for 1 or 2 minutes. Please take out the tea bags and enjoy.

Ingredients Camellia sinensis leaves, Ama tea
Place of origin Iwate prefecture (Tohoku area)
Contents 20g(2g×10 tea bags)
Best Before 1 year from date of manufacture
Storage Method Store in a cool, dark place away from direct sunlight and high humidity.

Made in JAPAN

【list of ingredients】

energy 0Kcal
protein 0.1g
lipid 0.1g
saccharinity 0.0g
sweeteners 0.0g
dietary fiber 0.2g
caffeine 0mg


H20(17)cm×W12cm× D5.5cm


Camellia sinensis leaves, Ama tea

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