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Single item (150g x 1 piece), 1 case (150g x 24 pieces)

Blessings of the world heritage "Mt. Aso" in a rice pack

We would like you to know the origin of Japanese rice cultivation, the rice certified as a Japan Heritage. And stay healthy and youthful. With that in mind, we commercialized this rice pack in January 2023 after about two years.

This 150g rice pack is an exquisite blend of brown and black rice grown in the underground water of Mt. Aso, a world heritage site.

Six years ago, the country certified rice cultivation in the Kikuchi River Basin, which is the subsoil water of Mt. This is the only region in Japan where rice cultivation has been certified as a Japan Heritage.

In addition, among the production areas certified as Japan Heritage, it is limited to production areas (produced in Kikuchi City, Kumamoto Prefecture) that have received the highest special A rating in the domestic rice taste ranking for the past 11 consecutive years. Among them, we mainly use the rice of Mr. Keizo Tochihara, who won the gold medal at the rice and taste analysis appraisal competition international competition in the past.

The blessings of nature from the world heritage "Mt. Aso" and the crystals born from the 2000-year history of "rice cultivation" certified as a "Japan Heritage" have been made into rice packs for the first time in Japan.

As a feature of this "brown rice black rice", brown rice with excellent nutritional balance is luxuriously blended with black rice containing polyphenols of about 8 blueberries.

Black rice is a medicinal food that has been loved by the emperor and Yang Guifei, one of the three most beautiful women in the world, since ancient times in China. Its lustrous black is the natural color of natural polyphenols. We use organically grown black rice that does not use any extras such as additives.

We want to deliver really good rice that has been handed down from long ago in a more delicious and convenient way. Because rice is truly useful for your health, we want you to enjoy it easily and easily anytime, anywhere. Such thoughts are included in this product.

All the rice used in this product has been inspected for pesticide residues by a third-party organization, and has been confirmed to be safe with zero pesticide residues.

Easy to use. Simply heat in the microwave for 2 minutes at 600W and you can enjoy it deliciously. It can be stored at room temperature and the expiration date is indicated on the package.

We look forward to helping families around the world who love Japanese food stay healthy and youthful.

Making good rice requires a lot of work. While appreciating what we have now, we want to deliver really good rice that has been handed down from long ago in a more delicious and convenient way.

We will continue to connect our customers and production areas in order to pass on to our children and grandchildren the historical rice production areas that are in harmony with nature.

People's joy, also is our joy.

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Single item = H2.5 cm x W11 cm x D18 cm
Case = H15 cm x W25 cm x D37 cm


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