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Rejuvenate your gut and double your youthfulness with the ultimate combination of brown rice and enzymes.


[Producer/Manufacturer] Mansei Enzyme Co., Ltd.
[Distributor] Tiara (Yokosuka City, Kanagawa Prefecture)
[Ingredients] Rice bran, rice germ, non-digestible dextrin (dietary fiber), rice vinegar, garlic, koji moldn
[Instructions] Take 1 spoonful using the attached spoon with each meal. You can also mix it with yogurt, cereal, or milk for a simple, delicious snack.
[Storage] Store at room temperature.

Our Story

It's perfect if you are on a diet. It is formulated with lots of dietary fiber for good bowel movement, nutrients, and many enzymes that improve metabolism. You can lose your weight without a rebound. When you improve your stomach environment, the necessary nutrients can be fully absorbed into the body. This brown rice enzyme improves the stomach environment, which allows Yukasha’s nutrients to be fully absorbed. We added indigestible dextrin (dietary fiber) to rice bran to improve the stomach environment, limit sugar and fat absorption, and improve the body's metabolism. As a result, this becomes a detox diet that allows you to avoid excessive nutrients but take all the necessary nutrients to avoid a weight rebound. When you continue to eat this, your bowel movement improves and removes your body’s excess materials. It also limits sugar and fat in meals from getting absorbed. Indigestible dextrin (dietary fiber) supports those who want to lose weight. 1. Reduces the speed of sugar absorption. 2. Improves the stomach condition. 3. Greatly slows the speed of fat absorption. 4. Reduces the amount of visceral fat. 5. It improves the absorption of minerals. When the stomach environment improves, nutrients that make the body and skin healthy can be fully absorbed, resulting in a healthy-looking body and skin.


Storage method: Store at room temperature.


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