Heart Sutra Yakusugi Sacred Cedar Buddhist Prayers Beads Bracelet

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Yakusugi Cedar Buddhist Prayers Beads
Yakusugi is Japanese cedar of Yaku isle. that has 500 meter high and lived over one thousand years. General Cryptomeria has 500 years life, but Yakusugi can live over 1000 years old. So, ancient Japanese people thought that sacred something is living here. Yakusugi is called "the SACRED TREE".

The whole of Yaku isle. was registered as natural World Heritage site by UNESCO in 1993. And also the law of ban for cutting Yakusugi was enacted by Japanese government in 1970.

Cutting a living Yakusugi is prohibited. But using buried or collapsed Yakusugi by typhoon is allowed. And we use timber which cut in Edo period.
That's why only the limited stores can sell them. This timber is not steady supply.

Made of Yakusugi Cedar
100% Guaranteed and HANDMADE by Craftsmen!!

Hannya Shingyo (the Heart Sutra) bracelet is carved HanNya ShinGyo (Heart Sutra)
HanNya ShinGyo is the most popular Buddhism sutra. Almost Buddhists (Shingon, Tendai, Zen Buddhism) are chanting this. This sutra is expressing essence of Buddhism with around 300 letters. It is near philosophy, it is not spell..

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