Calbee Crunch Potato Double Hot Chili Flavor 60g x 12 Packs Japan

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It's Calbee's hardest Crunch Potato ever, in the W Hot Chilli flavour!

With an irresistible chewiness, Crunch Potatoes are the hardest crisps in Calbee's history.
Its Crunch Potatoes now comes in a deliciously spicy flavour, Double Hot Chilli.

Potatoes are cut into chunky pieces and fried for a long time to achieve a crispy texture.

The double hot chilli flavour is a blend of red and green chillies, combined with chicken, onion and garlic, which gives it a strong and very addictive garlic flavour.

This dish has a strong, crunchy bite and a rich flavour.

Calbee Crunch Potatoes Double Hot Chilli Flavour 60g x 12 pack Product Information

Manufacturer Name Calbee
Brand name Crunch Potatoes
Content 1 box (60g x 12 bags)

■Nutritional information (per 60 g bag)
Energy 295 kcal
Protein 3.9 g
Lipids 14.1 g
Carbohydrate 38.0 g
Salt Equivalent 0.7 g

Allergens contained in this product.
Soy, chicken

※This product is manufactured in the same plant as products containing eggs, dairy ingredients, wheat, shrimp and crab.

Potatoes (domestic), vegetable oil, sugar, protein hydrolysate (including soya), glucose, salt, onion powder, dextrin, paprika powder, garlic powder, yeast extract powder, chicken powder, green chilli, red chilli / Seasoning (amino acids), flavouring, acidifier, paprika pigment. Sweetener (stevia), antioxidant (vitamin C).

■Notes and precautions
  • Avoid storage in direct sunlight or in high temperatures and humidity.
  • This product is characterized by its firmness. Chew well to avoid damage to the mouth.
  • Individuals vary in their perception of spiciness. Children and those who do not like spicy food should take precautions.
  • After opening, please consume as soon as possible.

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