Calbee Jagarico Miso Butter Corn Flavor 52g x 12 packs Japan

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Calbee's long-selling Jagarico product, now available in miso butter corn flavour for a limited time only!

Calbee's Jagarico, which is crispy at first and crunchy later, is now available in a miso butter corn flavour.
This product is only available for a limited time and can only be enjoyed now.

Jagarico Miso Butter Corn Flavour has a well-balanced taste, with the robust miso taste, sweet corn and rich butter complementing each other.

When you open the seal, you will smell a rich miso butter flavour.
These products are crunchy, hard and chewy, and also have a rich taste that gives a satisfying experience.

The taste, packaging, etc. took about five months to complete after 10,000 public submissions from customers on twitter.

Calbee Jagarico Miso Butter Corn Flavoured 52g x 12 bags Product Information

Manufacturer Name Calbee Co.
Brand name Jagarico
Contents 52g x 12 bags
Taste: miso butter corn flavour

Potatoes (domestic), vegetable oil, dried potatoes, milk powder, miso butter corn flavor paste (contains soybeans), powdered vegetable oil, dried corn, salt, dextrin, powdered miso, sugar, protein hydrolysate, butter powder, garlic powder, corn powder, yeast extract powder Pork extract powder, Bonito flakes powder seasoning / flavor, seasoning (amino acid, etc.), emulsifier, acidifier, paprika color, antioxidant (V.C.)

■Nutritional Information (per 1 cup 52g)
Energy 260kcal
Protein 2.9g
Lipids 12.5g
Carbohydrate 33.9 g
Salt Equivalent 0.8g

Avoid storage in direct sunlight and in high temperatures and humidity.
This product is characterised by its firmness. Take care not to damage your mouth or choke on it.
Small children should always be supervised when consuming this product.
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