Calbee Potato Chips Consomme Soup Taste Punch 60g x 12 bags Japan

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Calbee's crisps 'Consommé Punch', with a beefier, punchier (and more balance taste, have been relaunched!

Calbee's crisps 'Consommé Punch', with a broth that's packed with 'meaty goodness' and 'sweet vegetable flavour'!
Consommé Punch has been a long-selling product for more than 40 years since its creation.

'The secret to the delicious taste of Consommé Punch'!

  • The beefy taste gives it a punch that you won't get tired of.
  • The consommé and the light, crispy texture are a perfect match.
  • Secret spices that enhance the sweet and savoury taste.
  • The sharpness of the aftertaste is the plum,the key point.

The chicken and beef consommé is a perfect blend, and you can eat it for years and never get tired of it.

A Potato Chips that can be eaten by both adults and children as a snack.

Calbee Potato Chips Consommé Punch 60g x 12 bags Product Information

Manufacturer Name Calbee
Brand name Potato Chips
Content 1 box (60g x 12 bags)

Nutritional information (per 60 g bag)  ※Estimated value
Energy 334 kcal
Protein 3.3 g
Lipids 21.1 g
Carbohydrate 32.6 g
Salt Equivalent 0.5 g
Potassium (K) 488mg
Phosphorus 67mg

Allergens contained in this product.
Wheat, beef, sesame, soya, chicken, pork, apple
※This product is manufactured on equipment shared with products containing eggs, dairy ingredients, prawns and crabs.

Potatoes (domestic or US), vegetable oil, sugar, chicken consommé powder (contains wheat, soya and pork), salt, dextrin, starch, soy sauce powder, sauce powder (contains apple), onion extract powder, spice powder, beef consommé powder, vegetable Powder (tomatoes, carrots), fermented tomato extract powder, plum powder./Seasoning (amino acids, etc.), flavouring (including sesame), caramel colour, acidifier, paprika colour, sweetener (stevia), spice extract, benikoji dye.

■Notes and precautions
Avoid storage in direct sunlight or in high temperatures and humidity.
After opening, please consume as soon as possible.
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