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This interior decor flower arrangement is antibacterial, antiviral, and odor- and mold-preventing. As long as it has access to air, it will purify the air, even in dark places. It is safe and secure for the elderly, infants, and pets, as it is processed with non-photocatalytic treatment, and it lasts for 24 hours.


This is a non-photocatalyst treated artificial flower wreath. The back side is also treated to prevent damaging the wall. This is a highly concentrated, photocatalyst-free interior floral decoration with powerful antibacterial, antiviral, deodorizing, and anti-fungal effects. The effect works 24 hours a day, even in dark places, when there is enough air, to create a clean environment. It has been proven to be safe for babies, the elderly, and pets, and photocatalyst-free processing has been adopted in schools, daycare centers, and hospitals. This product is also exhibited and sold at the Japan Hobby Show at Tokyo Big Sight.

Our Story

With the onset of the novel coronavirus, I became a certified instructor for Cleans Flower to enhance my home's environment, ensuring the safety and comfort of those around me. While conventional air purifiers exist, the Cleans Flower purifies the ambiance merely by being displayed as an interior ornament, without the need for electricity. It also allows me to do my own non-photocatalytic processing, so I apply it to walls and furniture throughout my home and to the interior of my car. This method has also found applications in hospitals, nursery schools, and more. My hope is for more individuals to acquaint themselves with non-photocatalytic processing and to adorn their homes with Cleans Flowers. They're not merely decorative blooms; they contribute to a healthier and happier living space.


Do not grip or pull too hard. Please attach the wire hook to the wall using pins to display it.

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