Rich and Smooth Cheesecake Send from JAPAN

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The inside is fluffy and has a unique texture.
The texture is rich, yet smooth.
Once you try it, you will never forget it.
It is a classic and popular dessert in coffee shops.
It is also great as a gift or souvenir.
This cheesecake is a coffee shop's suggestion of the best dessert for home cafes.

Contents : Cheesecake x 1pc

A delicious way to eat it!

 The cheesecake will be delivered frozen. Please store the cheesecake in the freezer immediately once you received it.

Before you eat it, you have to remove all packaging, place it on a plate, then cover it softly with plastic wrap, and defrost in the refrigerator.
Defrosting time should be 7 to 8 hours.
*Defrosting time may vary depending on the condition of your refrigerator.

Storage: After purchase, chill in the refrigerator and then you can enjoy it.
Shelf life: 20 days from delivery when frozen, 2 days after defrosted.

Please consume it as soon as possible.

This item will be shipped internationally via refrigerated shipping (COOL EMS). We are currently only shipping to Taiwan due to Covid. The handling time from purchase about 5 days (we will send items only every Tuesday). Thank you.

KEEPS ITEMS FRESH FOR PROMPT DELIVERY OVERSEAS. The temperature in the box is kept between 0 and 10 degrees C for the Chilled type and below minus 15 degrees C for the Frozen type. Door-to-door service is provided to meet the customer's needs at low cost. This package will be shipped from Japan to overseas by Japan Airlines (Oneworld member).


W10cm x H5cm
* The size may vary slightly depending on the state of the baking process.


Natural Cheese, Fresh Cream, Sugar, Eggs, Wheat (some eggs and milk ingredients included)

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