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Style: Doragon and Wolf
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The story of the dragon

Ryuzen, a sumi-e painter who specializes in dragons, armor, and space, has released a series called "The Story of the Dragon."

The series was created with the desire to make the world surrounding the dragon, which is often seen as a bit scary, feel more familiar. With a new gentle touch and charming expressions, everyone can feel closer to these creatures.

Displaying these works in the living room, where families gather, can lead to fun conversations with children.

Dragon and Wolf

This artwork depicts a wolf howling towards the sky, having found a lost dragon's pearl and seeking to convey its discovery to the dragon. The theme of the artwork is "collaboration and companionship," showing the cooperation between the wolf and dragon. The swastika pattern in the background has been used since ancient times to signify the prosperity and longevity of a household, symbolizing the depth of the bond between the wolf and dragon.

Dragon and Mt. Fuji

This joyful artwork features auspicious elements such as Mount Fuji, a dragon, and a pair of cranes, which are all associated with good fortune, and is designed to evoke the time of sunrise. The shadow of the dragon is also faintly depicted in the clouds, symbolizing its existence.


W261mm x H367mm x D30mm



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