Add-WA!-TOKYO Glass Rabbit Set Handmade Tetsuji Harada Japan

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We have released a series of works called "The Glass Rabbit Set" by Tetsuji Harada, a glass artist from Azumino.

Each piece is an original work carefully crafted by the artist with his heart and soul. These unique glass rabbits are filled with lots of air inside, and their individual personalities make them so charming that just looking at them on display in a room is sure to put a smile on your face.

Rabbits have been popular since ancient times and are beloved for their association with good fortune, lasting relationships, longevity, prosperity, and fertility. They are so familiar to us that they have appeared in legends such as "The White Rabbit of Inaba" and "The Moon Rabbit," as well as in works like "Chōjū-giga" ("Scrolls of Frolicking Animals").

These glass rabbits have a presence that blends in with any space, and when light shines on their transparent bodies, they emit a beautiful glow that highlights their unique expressions. The versatility of glass art provides endless possibilities for enjoying these pieces.

Not only are they perfect for decorating your room as an interior accent, they are also a popular choice as a special gift for someone important to you.

This set includes two rabbits in the same color, one large and one small. You can choose from tow colors: pink and white to match your preferences or the atmosphere of your room. Why not create your own unique space with these adorable rabbits?


Large・ H 14.0cm W 7.5cm Weight 400g
Small・ H 11.3cm W 6.5cm Weight 250g



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