Green Foods Atsumi Otsukemo Kei Kimchi Base 250g Kawasaki City Japan

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Our original product, created by the kimchi artisan over the course of 40 years. With "Otsukemo Kei," the famous shop in Kawasaki with lines, you can easily make homemade kimchi with the taste. It is also recommended as a seasoning for soups and stir-fry dishes.


■Ingredients: Daikon (domestic), chili pepper, sugar, white peach, garlic, salt, green onion, leek, apple, salt-spiced squid/seasoning (amino acids, etc.), acidic seasoning, (includes squid, apple, and peach in some cases).
■Content: 250g.
※Certified product of ""Kanagawa's 100 Best Products.""
●The product is in a square-shaped plastic container.

Our Story

1.High-quality ingredients:
To make delicious kimchi, only high-quality ingredients are used. The company sources its ingredients daily from the Toda market, changing the location depending on the season. In the early winter to spring, the company uses large, yellow-hearted Chinese cabbage grown in Ibaraki and Gunma prefectures. During the summer, when Chinese cabbage is not in season, the company sources it from a producer in Sakuho, Nagano prefecture. The company visits the producer and asks the craftsman, Mr. Castlefield, what kind of Chinese cabbage is needed.

2.Carefully selected chili pepper:
chili pepper is the most important ingredient in making kimchi. Mr. Castlefield selects chili pepper with a well-balanced level of spiciness and sweetness, and a deep red color. He uses a lot of the chili pepper, along with garlic, squid salt, and fruits, to create the perfect kimchi blend.

3. Fair prices:
The company promotes fair prices (fair market value) for its producers and manufacturers. This benefits everyone involved: the sellers, buyers, and society as a whole.

4. Handmade by skilled craftsmen:
Skilled craftsmen cut, salt, and marinate the high-quality ingredients sourced from the Toda market and local producers every day. The company implements HACCP hygiene management and conducts self-inspections for temperature control and quality control from ingredient sourcing to shipping."


Shelf Life: 180 days from date of shipment for frozen shipment.
※After thawing: Keep refrigerated below 5℃ and consume within 10 days.

This item will be shipped internationally via refrigerated shipping (COOL EMS). We are currently only shipping to Taiwan ,Vietnam, Singapore, Malaysia, Cambodia. The handling time from purchase about 5 days (we will send items only every Tuesday). Thank you.

KEEPS ITEMS FRESH FOR PROMPT DELIVERY OVERSEAS. The temperature in the box is kept between 0 and 10 degrees C for the Chilled type and below minus 15 degrees C for the Frozen type. Door-to-door service is provided to meet the customer's needs at low cost. This package will be shipped from Japan to overseas by Japan Airlines (Oneworld member).

[For Sales Representatives, Retailers, and Distributors]

We welcome inquiries about our products from retailers, distributors, and wholesalers around the world. While j-Grab Mall is Japan's No. 1 B2C cross-border e-commerce platform, many Japanese-made products are also available for B2B transactions.

If you provide us with details such as the quantity you are interested in purchasing and conditions, we can provide you with a quotation.

To all Sales Representatives, Retailers, and Distributors, please feel free to request sample products from us and experience the quality of Japanese-made products firsthand! At j-Grab Mall, our dedicated staff can handle B2B negotiation and communication on your behalf.

For more information, please send an inquiry via eBay Message Board. We appreciate your interest and look forward to working with you!


Providing food is not limited to simply selling “products” as ingredients. Beyond that, we think about the devotion of the people who make them, the smiles of the people who eat them, and delivering the moment of sitting down at the table for dinner time itself.
Dinner is essentially “the act of eating”. We face that “act” earnestly.
That is Green Foods Atsumi’s philosophy.

Green Foods Atsumi’s vegetables have one specialty: “deliciousness”. However, that one word contains many meanings; for example, the connection between the marketplace and the vegetable store, or an encounter with where the food was produced. In our 30 years of business, we have felt the possibility of vegetables’s worth grow more and more, and we feel certain that our life’s mission is to provide vegetables that we think are delicious from the bottom of our hearts at a reasonable price.

In order to spend your days in good health, the one thing that you must not fail to do, is to eat delicious and nutritional food every day. At Green Foods Atsumi, we emphasize the thought that healthcare and eating come from the same source: in other words, “a balanced diet leads to a healthy body”. Healthy food cultures using vegetables are always on our mind. For example, not just the obvious choice of enjoying raw vegetables as they are, but also methods such as eating them pickling, which is good for digestion and the absorption of nutrients, or fermentation, which draws out their flavor and increases their nutritional value.

A food culture that spans a great period of time,and is continuously inherited. There have always been various ways of eating vegetables in all different ages and places. The wisdom of our predecessors, who gratefully received the earth’s blessings in both body and spirit. We feel strongly that small speciality stores are seeking to deliver the “act of eating” and customer’s dining tables as well as to provide food suggestions in the present time period when stores that only provide food as ingredients are on the rise.


Kawasaki City Store

KAWASAKI CITY STORE will send the curated collection of products from City of Kawasaki in Japan for everyone around the world We promise to support customers kindly, courteously and promptly based on O-mo-te-n-shi mind!

KAWASAKI CITY is located just west of Tokyo in Japan. As a part of Tokyo metropolitan area, the city has contributed Japanese industrialization and modernization.

Furthermore, KAWASAKI CIY is one of The 53 Stations of the Tokaido (Hiroshige Utagawa, 1832-1833) and is along the Tokaido road, the highway connecting Edo to Kyoto. Accordingly, we respect not only Japanese modern cultures but also Japanese traditional cultures. Through this store, overseas customers can purchase a variety of products made by Japanese specialists from glass artisans to sheet metal workers.

KAWASAKI CITY STORE is a one-year limited store from December 2022 and is operated by a joint venture between j-Grab Inc. and JTB Corporation, commissioned by City of Kawasaki. We also plan a pop-up shop for show rooming in Cambodia, Singapore and USA. Customers can check our products in the real world at the shop and place an order through this online store.

Customers can check our products in the real world at the shop and place an order through this online store.

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