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For a thousand years, Gyokuro has been enjoyed in Japan's ancient capital, Kyoto. Gyokuro is the finest among all teas, cultivated for an extra month compared to regular tea. While regular tea can be harvested 3-4 times a year, Gyokuro can only be harvested once a year. Interestingly, the same leaves used for Gyokuro can also be made into Matcha. Gyokuro and Matcha come from the same leaf. The former is made by rolling the leaves finely after harvest, while the latter is produced by grinding them with a stone mill. Gyokuro contains twice as much of the rich and savory components, theanine and caffeine, compared to regular tea, and is also rich in catechins. To make it accessible for everyone, we’ve packaged it in tea bags.


Kyoto Gyokuro (premium grade tea leaves) tea bags. Easily enjoy delicious green tea with these tea bags. Can be served hot or cold.
[Producer/Manufacturer] Chai (Yokosuka City, Kanagawa Prefecture)
[Contents] Gyokuro tea bags - 3 sets
[Ingredients] Tea leaves
[How to eat/use]
Hot tea: Simply place 1 tea bag into a mug and fill with boiling water to make delicious Japanese green tea.
Cool tea (for a sweet, refreshing flavor): Place 1 tea bag in 500ml of water, stir well, and refrigerate for 2 to 3 hours before drinking.
Rapidly cooled tea (for a rich flavor): Put 1 tea bag in a mug, fill with 150 ml of boiling water, stir, add ice, and cool rapidly for a delicious cold Japanese tea.
[Shipping] delivery at room temperature
[Shelf life] 240 days after manufacture
[Storage] Store at room temperature. This product does not contain preservatives, so please consume immediately after opening.
[Caution] Be careful not to burn yourself when heating or when opening the package.

Our Story

Farmers make tea and work hard throughout the year to harvest delicious tea in early summer. Also, there are people who turn the tea into crude tea. There are also people who process crude tea and sell it. It might be you who buy such tea and prepare it for drinking. To drink delicious tea like this, many people need to work together. Chai selects suitable farmers from the list of farmers it researched throughout Japan and directly negotiates buying terms.


Caution: Be careful not to burn yourself when cooking or opening the package.

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