Splaks Haircut Scissors Set 11-piece Set For Home Use With Haircut Cape Japan

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With the Spraks haircut scissors set, you'll have an easy cut at home!

We recommend this product for beginners who do not know what kind of scissors to choose and want scissors that are safe to use.

It is lightweight, easy to use, and does not cause hand pain.
It is also sharp, making it suitable for a wide range of users from beginners to professionals.

Do you have any of the following problems?
・I want to cut my children's and family members' hair at home.
・I want to cut my own hair a little bit, like bangs.
・Too busy to get a haircut at a beauty salon.

With the Splaks haircut scissors set, you can cut hair at home as soon as you receive it, as it comes with the necessary set (11 items in the latest edition) for haircuts.

Splaks haircut scissors set 5 recommendations

(1)Two types of scissors are made of high-quality durable stainless steel.

The cutting scissors are the latest thin sword blades, so they are extremely sharp.
Suki scissors, which are very useful for adjusting hair volume and creating movement in the hair, reduce beginner's mistakes of over-cutting.
The stainless steel construction makes it rust-resistant and long-lasting sharpness.

(2)Splaks scissors are less likely to hurt your hands.

The handle ring portion of the scissors is designed based on human body engineering.
The shape fits easily in the hand and allows efficient use of power, so the hand does not get sore easily.

(3)Safe design of Splaks scissors

To prevent accidents, the cutting edges are slightly rounded. The handle ring also has rubber hit points to absorb noise and shock when opening and closing the scissors.
If the scissors become loose, the center screw can be turned to adjust the tightness to your preference.

(4)The attached "cape" allows for haircuts without making a mess in the room.

The neck size is adjustable, so it can be used by both children and adults.
The capes are antistatic, so hair is less likely to fly out and clean up is easier.

(5)Abundant set contents, not only scissors

It comes with a lot of goodies for haircuts.
With a storage case, hair clips, brushes and combs, and a total 11-piece set, you'll be ready for all those haircuts at home!

Spraks Haircut Scissors Set 11-Piece Set Contents Details

Set Contents Quantity
 cutting scissors (17cm) 1
 thinning scissors (17cm) 1
 brush (13cm) 2
 hair combing comb (17.5cm) 1
 comb(Tates comb) (17.5cm) 1
 comb(tailcomb) (19.5cm) 1
 hairclip (8.5cm) 2
 haircut cloak 1
 clean cloth (width 11cm) 1
 haircut cape (30 cm (length) x 60 cm (width)) 1
 Leather storage case (8.5 cm (length) x 21.5 cm (width)) 1
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