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We decided to create this cross-body bag to convey Japanese culture to the world. In the old days in Japan, samurai used to carry their belongings, medicines, and small items on their backs during their travels in a net-like bag called an “uchigai-bukuro.” Samurai always kept their hands free, ready to draw their swords at a moment’s notice. When they had luggage, they would secure it in the bag and tie it to their backs.

This cross-body bag is a product that truly combines Japan’s traditional culture with a modern twist. It is our first product planned and produced in-house, using the traditional craftsmanship of Himeji Kurozan leather, which carries the spirit of the samurai, as we venture into the fashion industry.

The company uses Japanese black wagyu beef to create its products in Himeji Kurozan leather, an art form created by combining two traditional Japanese techniques, "tanning" and "lacquering," which has earned the company the nickname "the black diamond of leather". The company's Kurozan leather is highly acclaimed worldwide. In 2014, the company won the grand prize in the Best New Leather category at the Hong Kong APLF's MM&T Exhibition (Materials Exhibition), becoming the first Japanese winner. Furthermore, in 2016, the company won the Handle Award in the leather category of the PV Award (Textile Award) at the "Première Vignoble" in Paris. This was a first for a Japanese company. In addition, we produce leather that is both safe and harmless for people and the environment, using leather tanned by our company's resident craftsman, Mr. Sakamoto himself. We have been working for more than a decade to ensure a healthy life for all people and to reduce environmental pollution.

Our Story
With the creation of this body bag, we aspire to share Japanese culture with the world. This marks our debut product designed and crafted in-house as we venture into the realm of fashion. It employs the traditional himeji kurozan leather technique, echoing the spirit of the samurai. The final product bears a resemblance to scattered tiny diamond grains, earning it the moniker "the black diamond of leather" due to its refined and elegant shimmer. Crafted from the unique himeji kurozan leather, this item embodies the ancient Japanese traditions of tanning and lacquering.

As this is a hand-dyed product, there may be differences in the pattern on the leather surface between the product in the photo and the actual product. The color of the product will look different depending on the lighting conditions, whether indoors or outdoors. In some cases, the lacquer may peel off due to excessive friction.

*Due to the nature of the product, there may be visible scratches and wrinkles that the cow suffered naturally, but these are not incurred during manufacturing and do not make the product eligible for return.

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