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Organic coffee that is environmentally friendly. Mexico is the only decaffeinated organic product in the world. Although some chemicals are used to remove caffeine, it is safe to use water to remove caffeine. This product is recommended for people who don't like caffeine and have trouble sleeping if they take caffeine at night.

The coffee ingredients are organic (decaffeinated) from Mexico. The mountain water method is used to remove caffeine. Caffeine is separated from water and only safe products with a removal rate of 90% or higher are shipped. The content is 10g, which is just enough for one mug. The bag is a vapor-deposited aluminum bag that has been processed to have high barrier properties and prevent moisture. In addition, we are able to suppress oxidation of the product by filling it with nitrogen gas. You can enjoy the aroma and taste of roasting when you open the seal. The charcoal used for charcoal roasting is Komagatake charcoal from Hokkaido, which has a constant firepower and is highly sustainable. Charcoal roasting uses infrared rays to transmit the flavor to the core of the beans, resulting in a mellow flavor. In April of this year, Governor Suzuki of the Hokkaido Prefectural Government sent a thank you gift to medical personnel affected by the coronavirus. At that time, this coffee was selected among the products manufactured and processed in Hokkaido.

Our Story
In addition to coffee beans, we started with the theme of ``Let's make safe and secure organic products all from Hokkaido.'' In order to drip-process coffee, certification from the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries is required, and organic JAS certification is required. This product was created in collaboration with an organic JAS certified roaster in Hokkaido.

★Precautions for storage: Store away from direct sunlight, high temperature and humidity. ★Precautions for use: Please consume as soon as possible after opening. Please be careful when handling boiling water. Place the drip coffee firmly on top of the cup and use it in a stable location.

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