OCEAN & TERRE Hokkaido Vegetable Soup MONAKA Melt hot water Set D 15Packs Japan

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A "Savory Monaka" that is Different from The Traditional Monaka.

This product is a round MONAKA ( a traditional Japanese sweets) with a soup base inside.

To eat this, all you need to do is just place the MONAKA in a cup/bowl, add an appropriate amount of hot water to dissolve it, and eat it as soup.

It also looks cute. In Japan, it is available in large quantities and is valued as a tasty soup. You should definitely try this unique texture!


Let the “delicious” begin

We treasure the carefully selected treasures of the Sea (OCEAN) and Earth (TERRE), each product is very carefully handcrafted for authentic taste.日本の自然の恵みをスイーツの世界へ。
It looks cute and kawaii! It is a very tasty soup in Japan.

Please try this unusual texture!Vegetable soup.

Great souvenir for your friends and family.

商品写真*Hokkaido pumpkin soup x3
*Hokkaido onion soup x3
*Hokkaido baron glutinous rice soup x3
*Hokkaido sweet corn soup x3
*Hokkaido asparagus soup Monaka x 3
  Monaka (glutinous rice domestic)

Package size: 228 x 370 x 36 mm
Best-by date: 4 months or more after delivery.


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