HUMAN LIFE Inulin Plus Supplements 186 Tablets Health Support Japan

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Create a life without dietary restrictions for you

For those of you who are concerned about carbohydrates and sweet foods.
We have combined essential ingredients for sugar control in a well-balanced formula.
It supports the nutrients you can't get in your regular diet! Start a small daily healthy habit with the much talked-about savior ingredient inulin.

■Recommended for people who
People who are concerned about sugar, eat a lot of carbohydrates and sweets, and have a hard time restricting their diet


Height (length)19.5cm x width 11.9cm x depth 1.3cm


Inulin (dietary fiber) (manufactured in Thailand), Jerusalem artichoke powder, mulberry leaf extract, Salacia reticulata extract powder, onion extract concentrate, Nattokinase powder (contains soybeans), Bifidobacterium bifidum (sterilized)/crystal cellulose, micro silicon dioxide, calcium stearate, stabilizer (guar gum)

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