Ichiran Ramen thin noodles straight with Spice 5 packs Hakata Japan

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We believe everyone has heard of/eaten Ichiran ramen, the famous Japanese natural pork bone ramen chain, right? Ichiran does not have a diverse menu, but only focuses on "natural pork bone soup ramen".
In order to make it easier for customers to eat at any time, Ichiran has launched this Ichiran Ramen thin noodles straight with Spice, so that you can enjoy the authentic Japanese ramen at home.
Even if you can cook the ramen at home, it's still highly reproducible to the taste of ramen at the store, so you'll be able to enjoy it as you eat it in the store!


  • Hakata thin noodles (straight) x 5
  • Soup x 5
  • Red Spice powder×5

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