Insect Garden Kids T-shirt Short Sleeve Recycled Stag Beetle No8 Kawaii Japan

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This T-shirt is made of 100% recycled plastic bottles with a design of insects made of grass and flowers and numbers.
The number (Nombre) of the stag beetle design is “8”.
You can choose your birth month or lucky number, or give it as a gift to a loved one.

The individually packaged transparent bags are made of paper, the first in the apparel industry of their kind and introduced by Insect Garden.
The brand tag holds plant seeds which will germinate when soaked in water for a day and planted in soil.
The product information tag is made of FSC certified paper, and the string part is also made of paper that completely returns to the soil.
It's a fun item that makes it easy to create matching ensembles with children.
Compared to cotton material, these have features that make pilling a common issue.
This is a peculiarity of the material, so your understanding is appreciated.
Notes about Nombre insect print T-shirt
Sublimation transfer printing achieves clear printing without damaging the material's original texture, but there is a possibility that fine lint could be mixed in the heat transfer process when this printing method is used.
We do not do inventory losses, so we ask that you please purchase this item after considering and understanding the brand's decision.

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