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ISANA round stools are available with two types of legs (BAKU and UMBRELLA).
[BAKU] Thick legs that form large, diagonal arches. They resemble the side profile of a baku (tapir), a creature with a well-defined nose. But is it the real animal or the imaginary creature “baku,” which is said to feed on dreams?
*The “baku” is a legendary beast in Japan. It is often seen as a lucky charm due to the belief that it consumes bad dreams, a legend dating back 500 years.
[UMBRELLA] According to one theory, the design of umbrellas has remained largely unchanged for over 4,000 years. This lightweight stool with three slender legs was created with the aim of capturing the beauty of universal mechanics, much like the structure of an umbrella. Both decorative and practical, it strives to be like an umbrella, capturing the moments when these aspects overlap and intersect. It also fulfills ISANA’s wish to continue creating designs that are universal.


Cherry wood / Brass flat head screws / Clear oil finish Made of carefully selected materials, most of the manufacturing process is done by hand by our own craftsmen, one by one, using analog techniques. The star-shaped stakes were bent one by one, and the legs were chipped and joined. The four small bent stakes give the chair strength and a unique character. ⁡

Oak wood / Brass flat head screws / Clear oil finish This item is made of oak wood cut in Hokkaido, and most of the manufacturing process is done by hand by our own craftsmen, one by one, using analog techniques. As with the BAKU, the decorative parts are made using a wood lathe, and the thin diagonally protruding diagonal pieces of wood are joined together neatly by notching them. In addition, brass flat head screws are used to accentuate the design elements and give the product a charming appearance.

Our Story

ISANA is a boutique furniture workshop nestled in Niigata, Japan, a region blessed with the bounties of both mountain and sea and graced by the distinct four seasons. Founded by a skilled furniture artisan and a dyeing and weaving artist, our designs are deeply rooted in the traditional Japanese aesthetics of Zen, iki, and wabi-sabi. We trust that those who come into contact with our pieces will experience a touch of Japanese culture. For the past two years, we have consistently showcased our work on Instagram, amassing a following not just domestically but internationally. Notably, our creations have been spotlighted by globally recognized Instagram influencers in furniture design and woodworking, such as @chair_tag,, @koppundkluepfel, @designunity_woodwork, and @kodama_magazine.
You can explore our work on ISANA's Instagram.@isana_furniture


- Please be careful as “rapid drying” due to using under direct sunlight for long periods of time or placing it where it comes into direct contact with the air outlet of an air-conditioner or fan heater may cause warping, cracking, deformation, or discoloration of the wood.
- If you place a wet item such as a cup or dish towel directly on the stool top, please wipe off the moisture immediately as this may cause circular stains or discoloration.
- We recommend that you frequently apply commercially available maintenance oil (clear color), as wax components such as beeswax will make it easier for it to repel water to a certain extent and greatly improve the texture. (If obtainable, we recommend the American Howard Feed-N-Wax, which is easy to use.)

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Product size:360×355×450(cm)
Packing size:360×355×450(cm)

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