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This is a dashi chazuke made with generous amounts of Ise seaweed harvested from the beaches of the Sea of Japan. Domestic seaweed is exposed to the clear sea and sunlight and is characterized by its rich and flavorful taste. This Chazuke set is popular because it allows you to easily enjoy authentic Aosa Dashi Chazuke. Just by pouring hot water, you can enjoy the flavorful dashi of seaweed, and it goes perfectly with rice. We are particular about the harvesting method and manufacturing process of the sea lettuce, and have carefully finished it to bring out its deliciousness. This Aosa Dashi Chazuke is full of tradition and flavor. Please use it for special occasions or as a gift for your loved ones.

Contents: 6g x 7 bags, expiration date: 730 days, the contents of the can are individually separated, so you can use the appropriate amount for each meal. We use domestically produced seaweed.

Our Story
"After completing the Ise Kaiun Shrimp Dashi Chazuke, while planning the second batch, I searched for something from Ise-Shima that would be suitable for ochazuke, and I chose the fragrant seaweed, which is famous as a specialty of Ise-Shima. did. This flavor is reflected in how we preserve the aroma during product development.

[Company Profile] (To j-Grab staff. The following three products are common, so please translate only one product...)
It was founded in 1919 as a long-established store that has continued to convey the taste of Toba. Chinkaido continues to deliver the flavors of the sea, including spiny lobster, to our customers here in Toba. With over 100 years of history, we have been providing the taste of Toba to customers all over the country and around the world for many years. Ise lobsters, which are a gift from Ise-san, undergo Chinkaido's own strict quality control so that they can be eaten in their freshest state, and are shipped in the best condition in terms of taste, color, and shape.

Ise lobster becomes very delicious between October and April. During this period, they consume large amounts of food in preparation for breeding, so their bodies are large and packed. Our company manufactures and sells many products that use spiny lobster because we want people to enjoy the taste and flavor of seasonal spiny lobster all year round. We will continue to work hard every day so that everyone will say, ``When you think of spiny lobster products, you think of Chinkaido.''"

"【Preservation method】
Avoid direct sunlight, high temperature and humidity, and store at room temperature or in a cool, dark place.
【Expiration date】
730 days. Please consume as soon as possible after opening the can.
【Internal capacity】
Ise Kaiun Aosa Dashi Chazuke (6g x 7 bags) x 3"

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